I cant do my homework because im depressed

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Put your phone, computer, and anything else that might distract you far from your reach.

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I do agree the work load is over barring and teachers should remember that middle school and high school is about a lot more than just grades, it is about forming social skills, friendships, being on sports teams, and just learning about life through experiences.

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In the real world, knowledge helps you master the rules of the game.

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If all else fails, you can go into school early and ask your teacher to explain the work to you.Later, going back -- and seeing how you can improve the first one with fresh bits and pieces.

Get some success: you might prefer to get one or two easy tasks over-with at the start of a homework session, saving the hard stuff for last.

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By doing this, next time you can look at your own list that is you-specific.

A teen should not have to face depression at such a young age.As you do your homework, delete, check or cross out the homework you completed.

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If you think about fun things while you are doing your homework, it helps to motivate you.If you have a study period, do as much of your homework as you can.Statistics even show that kids who participated in an extra curricular activity have less stress.If none of these things seem to apply to you, remember that homework is to help you learn, which everyone ultimately wants.

Avoid procrastinating that may affect your plans for the rest of the day.Since psychotropic drugs work differently for different people, this is not an effective way to study.Make a first sentence or step, do any logical, little bits and bites (go step-by-step).

Some find walking helpful, while others like to listen to music while they study.

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I have to choose between attending class and finishing my homework because if I do.If you really need to do your homework, then turn off your computer to help get rid of distractions.Once you know the keywords you can make up the answer on your own.

Have a break every half an hour to an hour, and eat nutritious snacks to stay active in mind and body.

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I could do fun things instead of homework because it keeps me cooped up inside like a prisoner in a jail cell and I hate it.