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Essays of Elia Is there an Essay of Elia we cannot help you with.Registered office: Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7PJ.Surely, after reading the novel it becomes obvious that happiness cannot be purchased with money.This happiness lasts as long as a little girl has strength to believe in it, thus it is not just a good merry mood, but also the faith in greater good.Charles had never been more unhappy than when he was working in the factory.In the novel, Louisa Gradgrind is strictly forbidden to entertain imaginative fancy or to express her emotions as a result her emotions become dormant within her and she is unable to express them even when their expression is desirable.He shows these hands to have been dehumanized, their identity to have been effaced and leading a hard life.

In her adulthood, she remains unaware of the emotions within her as a result of her faulty education in her childhood based on utilitarian principles, cold reason and hard facts.Later when her marriage flounders she accepts the fact in front of her father that she made a sacrifice for Tom, her only object of tenderness and concern, by marrying Bounderby.She ends up being married to John Rocksmith with love being the basis of their relationship.Thus emotions and imaginative fancy should be cultivated in an individual so that the personality of the individual is balanced.They are the Boffins, modest and hardworking whose beliefs are not based on the conceptualization of good from evil.

All these places are deprived of pretences and dependence on wealth.But being a protector of Tom, Louisa comes to his rescue and takes the blame on herself. Mr. Gradgrind says.Even though they have been broken into pieces, at one particular point in time they come into a realization of their life standings.

There is no rich or poor person, only the collective term of people exists.

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He is in love with Rachel who is also a hand in a factory in Coketown and is a simple as well as an honest woman.

Sissy refuses to accept the cold, hard fact that her father is an unnatural vagabond.

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At one point, she attempts to marry after being motivated by the fortune ahead of her.

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As one leaves the greedy, wealth directed atmosphere, one meets a happy and free atmosphere where one mingles with anybody, laughs at anything and enjoys the good times.The influence of the childhood events on the personality of an individual is illustrated through the example of Louisa Gradgrind.When he was twelve, his father was thrown into debt, this forced Charles to quit school and work in a shoe-dye factory.Similarly, Sissy Jupe displays transference by redirecting her love, care and compassion towards Louisa when she is in need of it.

Sigmund Freud defines transference to be a phenomenon which involves the unconscious redirection of feelings from one person to the other.Our Marking Service will help you pick out the areas of your work that need improvement.Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, sometimes several steps at one bout, sometimes stopping, never turning back.

Her father advises her not to consider throwing away what is right and replace it with wrong, what is just with unjust and what is true with untrue, because there is no price that is worth buying these things.Consequently, laughter is used to expel the villains and make the new world safe for love.In the novel, Stephen Blackpool who is a hand in the factory of Josiah Bounderby in Coketown is honest, compassionate and a man of integrity.When both Louisa and Tom go and peep into a circus tent where a performance is being staged to watch the imaginative entertainment they disobey the dictates of Thomas Gradgrind, their father, whose aim is to raise them on the philosophy of facts and pragmatism.