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The marriage between Angel and Tess does not result to the expected bliss characterized by newlyweds.She kills Alec ending his hold on her and his effect on her life (Hardy 2008).It is obvious that she has the strong desire for maintaining her integrity.

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This leads to their separation and his leaving for Brazil where he hopes to start a new life.

Their desire to become wealthy culminates in putting Tess in dangerous ways.They both understand that sooner or later the law would catch up with her.He rather chooses to bury his dead horse in an effort to preserve and uphold his newly found nobility.Tess perceives herself as an unsuitable one to be married to Angel given her past.

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When Angel abandons Tess and flees the country where they belong to, she endures all kind of discrimination alone, concealing her pain and generously gives a large amount of her living expenses to support her family while leaves herself to wandering around to make her own living.In Victorian Context, people strongly tend to worship those who own a big fortune as well as the one who has higher social identity.

She knows clearly that maybe if she lies to herself and be with Alec, life will be better to both her family and herself.Just as the subtle A Pure Woman suggests, undoubtedly, Tess is a noble woman with pure mind all the time.

She loses her innocence ironically, and her hard life begins right after that moment.Being a courageous girl, Tess struggles to move forward in her life.

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When Tess is still a little girl, she starts to help her mother with households without any complaints.

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Her stay at her parents is unbearable, and she opts to seek employment elsewhere without telling her parents of her real predicament.

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So making a confession about her relationship with Alec equaled to a dramatic challenge of loosing her lovers.Facing with the tight entangles and evil temptation of Alec, she feels that she cannot stand it no more and fight with her real courage.When Angle sleepwalks and carries Tess to a churchyard, mumbling his wife is dead, He puts her into a coffin.

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Brain Philips in his The Study Guides of Tess states that Tess is shaped into a heroine of myth.Without any choices, she listens to her parents and work for Alec.To the society, she failed, but to herself, she does not lose the battle.

She believes his involvement with her will bring him only pain and ridicule.Young she is, she never tries to deceived her mind and be the one follows the faulty moralities.

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The term papers should be used with proper reference and are not meant to replace actual assignments.Unusual for its time in its address of premarital sexuality and unwed motherhood.She owns distinctively beautiful appearance with purity and kindness.Therefore, her sufferings and misery happens in an even intense way.

This decision leads her to liberate herself from her family and seek her own way in life.Moreover, her love for the nature and life gives out the attractive fragrances of not being shaped by any kind of common customs and traditions.However, Tess knows better than anyone else that she feels no love for Alec and it does not make sense to be with him.If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the link below to request removal.Her unique characteristics are so distinctive that can even cover up all her defects.

Further more, her defects in characteristics mostly results from her social background and life experience, which are dramatically unfair to her.She owns noble virtues and her lost of purity physically does not mean she loses her purity mentally.

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But there is one thing that can be sure of: she shines with her beauty all the time, which is an everlasting one.The novel suggests the talent of people from national environment.

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Setting aside her tragic destiny, it is she traditional thinking that makes her trapped.In this case, Hardy shows his dissatisfaction with the social injustices against women.

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She is an innocent victim, but at the same time, her behavior makes her look like more than a victim.She surrenders little by little, sacrificing all she has, and finally forfeits her life.In the eyes of Tess, Angle, just like his name, he is a free thinker who shines with his distinctive appearance and characteristics.She aspires to provide for herself and remain a single woman.Not being contaminated by secular environment, she holds a mind and knows clearly who she is and what she wants.So even when she is abandoned by Angel brutally, she thinks it is her fault, silently undertaking the sorrow manipulated by her fate.She is a beautiful soul that deserves venerations from everybody.