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Marijuana has the potential to be manufactured into more than twenty-five thousand different kinds of goods (NORML, n.d.). It could be used as our biggest cash crop if it were to be legal.

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The leaves were once used in bandages and a relaxing non-psychoactive herbal tea can be made from small cannabis stems. FN28.Drug Enforcement Administration. Docket No. 86-22 -- September 6, 1988.Billions of dollars would be saved in government expenditures and, in fact, revenue from taxation on the regulated sale of marijuana would be in the billions.This is your Sidebar, which you can edit like any other wiki page.

The fight to legalize cannabis will always exist, and most likely will not be solved anytime in the near future.About eighty million Americans have smoked marijuana in the past year (NORML, n.d.). Marijuana has been around since the beginning of civilization, but it is illegal to cultivate and deal out, because it can be smoked until a person has a loss of motor functions.

During the Second World War the federal government subsidized hemp and US farmers grew about a million acres of hemp as part of that program.Young, Administrative Law Judge for the DEA, recommended that marijuana be placed in schedule II because it has an accepted medical use in the United States.The Debate Over the Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Use By Angela Morrow.

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Almost any product that can be made from wood, cotton, or petroleum (including plastics) can be made from hemp.

I also learned that the FDA had totally given up on researching benefits that marijuana could give to people suffering from cancer.Studies have proven medical marijuana has therapeutic effects concerning pain management, nausea, vomiting, seizures, and appetite loss, for patients suffering from.Nick vujicic inspirational essay about life does slavery still exist today essay roman entertainment essay alfred tennyson charge of the light brigade analysis essay.

These are just very few things that can come from the drug of marijuana.It included research and other data that emerged after the record was closed in the prior proceedings before Judge Young and focused primarily on whether cannabis has the high potential for abuse required for Schedule I status.This may be because of the cultural diversity that the United States of America is known for.Picture in your mind a young girl that is almost done with her freshman year of high school.Health and Medicine: Legalization of Medical Cannabis (Research Paper).

The medical use of the cannabis plant goes back at least 5,000 years to ancient China.But instead of this young girl worrying about what clothes she is going to wear, or how she is going to style her hair, she has to worry about side effects of chemotherapy.This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.Further, Senate Bill 420 which passed on September 20, 2003, was signed by the Governor on October 13, 2003, and which became effective on January 1, 2004, added an Article 2.5 (commencing with Section 11362.7) to Chapter 6 of Division 10 of the Health and Safety Code, relating to controlled substances.The chemo basically kills a person in order to kill the cancer cells.Pros and Cons Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Use Only Should New Jersey. cannabis sativa, also.Like any drug you should not operate any machinery, especially an automotive vehicle.

This is showing that some courts are showing leniency towards marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Essaymedical Marijuana Essay Outline Medical Marijuana Essay Legalize Medical Marijuana Persuasive. 1609 Pro Mph D206 Marijuana Legalization.Another is taken from premature buds and is called cannabidiolic acid.SUMMARY: Individuals deserve the right to decide whether or not they should use marijuana.The short-term effects of marijuana use are more predictable than the long-term effects.Legalization of Cannabis for Medical Use Cannabis has been used in therapeutic purposes for several.We tried prohibition with alcohol, and that failed miserably.PHOTO ESSAY: Marijuana Legalization March in Costa Rica. Marijuana activists push legalization of medical cannabis in.

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So many people who are ill must resort to using marijuana for medicinal purposes.In 1951 Congress passed the Boggs Act FN14, increasing penalties for all drug violators.The most difficult part for police officers is going to be determining who can legally possess marijuana.Some doctors and people of the public believe that marijuana should be used to treat side effects of chemotherapy, and other doctors and people of the public believe that it should not be used as a medicine.

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Legalizing Medical Marijuana essaysMedical. state to legalize medical marijuana. on the medical applications of marijuana is vast.Cities debate the memo tells marijuana varying types of cannabis in marijuana legalization of medical costs,.Although many states have legalized medical marijuana, possession, use and cultivation is still illegal on the federal level.

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During the war years the Bureau chose to concentrate on opiates and abandoned responsibility for most marijuana law enforcement to the states.The Legalization Of Marijuana: Pros And Cons Essays: Over 180,000 The Legalization Of Marijuana: Pros And Cons Essays, The Legalization Of Marijuana: Pros And Cons.It is relatively easy to extract these into food or beverage, or into some sort of lotion, using butter, fat, oil, or alcohol.

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The act did not itself criminalize the possession or usage of marijuana but instead levied a tax of approximately one dollar on anyone who dealt commercially in marijuana.Not all doctors, however, believe that marijuana should be used to treat side effects in cancer patients.DC7C02 from the Executive Office of the President, Office of National Drug Control Policy.The second body of testimony to testify at this congressional hearing were industrial spokesmen.