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IFRS 15, description of expected effects of future implementation with quantified estimates for 2015, contracting.IAS 37, decommissioning provision disclosure, estimates and judgements.GOODWILL AND INTANGIBLE ASSETS: ASPE 3064. cannot distinguish the research phase from the development. testing is covered in IAS 36 and the concept.OCI, tax on each component including reclassifications, share of equity accounted entities.Audit committee report, significant issues, external audit assessment, FRC audit inspection, tenure, non-audit fees objectivity, independence.Short-Term International Convergence: Research and. to the accounting for research and development that are. who are applying IAS 38,.

Income tax, risks, uncertain tax positions, transfer tax, contingencies quantified and provisions made, judgements.Internal development expenditure is capitalised if specific criteria are met.IFRS 16, disclosure of effect of future adoption, with quantification of likely impact.How should we account for the development costs of an insurance.The authoritative document on development and research is International Accounting Standard Number38 Intangible Assets. IAS 38.IAS 36, goodwill, intangibles, PPE impairment disclosures, VIU basis, sensitivity analysis.

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IAS 41, IAS 16 amendments adopted for bearer plants, sugarcane, coffee, change of policy.

IFRS 15, disclosure of effects of future adoption of new standard, construction and maintenance contracts.IAS 12 paras 80 (d), 81(d), explanation of effects of changes in tax rates on income, OCI and equity.IAS 38 paras 94-96, intangibles assigned useful life longer than contractual period as expected to be renewable without significant cost.Indefinite lived intangibles, deferred tax, change of policy following IFRIC clarification.UK Corporate governance, going concern, viability, risk management, robust assessment, stress testing, Brexit and other principal risks.IFRS 9 (2013), hedge accounting, IFRS 7 paras 22A-24G cash flow hedge disclosures.

IFRS 15 adopted, modified retrospective application, property company.Audit committee report, disclosure of discussions with FRC Conduct Committee.

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Revenue recognition policies by segment, mining, energy, chemicals, retention of title, exchanges.

Disclosure of franked investment income group litigation order versus UK HMRC, test case.Use IAS 38 Internally Generated Computer Software...Chapter 7 Intangible Assets Reference: IAS 38, SIC 32 and IFRS 3 Contents: Page. inter alia, research and development costs,.Disclosure of APMs, purpose, uses, reconciliations, limitations.

Intangible assets that are acquired by an entity and having finite useful lives.IFRS 2 paras 44-47, disclosures for equity settled share based payments.IAS 32, change in offsetting and cash pooling arrangements presentation following IFRIC agenda decision.

Investment entity, IFRS 12 paras 19A-19G, unconsolidated subsidiaries, restrictions, support.Policy for player registrations and football staff remuneration.Audit committee report, reference to interactions with UK FRC.IFRS 9 (2014 version), financial instruments policies including hedging and impairment.

IAS 12 paras 81(a), 81(ab), tax on each component of OCI and tax taken direct to equity.

Response to shareholder concerns, statement of shareholder voting.Half year report, going concern uncertainty, emphasis in audit review report, covenants.

Development expenditure is capitalised only if development costs can be measured reliably, the product or process is technically and commercially feasible, future economic benefits are probable, and the Group intends to and has sufficient resources to complete development and to use or sell the asset.IAS 19 paras 144, 145, significant actuarial assumptions and sensitivities.IAS 41 disclosures, cattle, IFRS 13 level 2 and level 3 valuations.IFRS 15 adopted, revenue policy, judgements and estimates, property company.IFRS 12 paras 21, B12-B16, disclosures for material and immaterial associates.IFRS 15, disclosure of potential impacts of future adoption, with quantification of major element.