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The social trauma caused by years of fighting manifested itself in different ways.Long term Causes of World War 1 The first one is the Franco-Prussian war.

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Postwar colonization in the Ottoman Empire led to many future problems still unresolved today.

It was the first major war in which the newly established countries fought and it was one of the first times that Australian troops fought as Australians, not just subjects of the British Crown.While the causes of the war are infinitely more. countries throughout Europe made mutual defense agreements.After the creation of the state of Israel a series of wars broke out between Israel and its neighbors, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, in addition to unrest from the indigenous Palestinian population and terrorist activity by Palestinians and others reaching to Iran and beyond.

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The crippling of the German economy was a tremendous factor int he rise of Hitler and laid the groundwork for WWII.

Outbreak of World War I - World War I - HISTORY.com. The other larger nations in Europe were intent on increasing their military.Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. Create. Log in Sign up.

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Canadians proved they were a nation and not merely subjects of a distant empire.

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The building of the armies and navies of various countries around Europe can be seen as one of the leading long term.Causes of World War II. Italy and the German Nazis wanting to rule all of Europe.A German victory in World War I would have created a European.The rise of Nazism and fascism included a revival of the nationalist spirit and a rejection of many post-war changes.

The long-term causes of the war in the Pacific Japanese Expansionism.If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly.

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Long biography of ambrose bierce and Short Term Causes of Wwi.Long Term Causes: The League of Nations-Initially began as a way to curb future aggression by European nations-Lacked enforcement mechanisms and failed.They began to work toward a more internationalist world, supporting organisations such as the League of Nations.Causes of World War I: Factors That Led to War. Causes of World War I: Factors That Led to War Related Study Materials.

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Others had the opposite reaction, feeling that only strength and military-might could be relied upon in a chaotic and inhumane world.

There are several long term causes of the World War I. the major one is the arms race that occurred in Europe.Russia became the Soviet Union and lost Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, which became independent countries.

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Europe Ready for War In 1914, the situation in Europe was tense. Interesting Facts about the Causes of World War I.

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Summary: World War II ravaged much of Europe, and its long-term effects are still.This is of course what caused germany to revolt, rebuild and retry to take over the world in WW2.

Austria-Hungary was also partitioned, largely along ethnic lines.After the war, the Allies imposed a series of peace treaties on the Central Powers.To deal with a weakened nation after the affects of World War I,.Causes of World War 1 In 1914, a conflict arose in Europe that started what is now called World War 1 (WW1).Military might was a major concern in Europe. What were the long term and short term causes of WW1.The free World War I research paper (Causes Of WWI essay). (within Europe).First World War.com. Why did the murder in Sarajevo lead to a general European war.

The Ottoman Empire was soon replaced by Turkey and several other countries in the Middle East.Canadians had proved themselves on the same battlefield where the British and French had previously faltered, and were respected internationally for their accomplishments.By fudging the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, the Allies sowed the seeds for a second major conflict.Alliance System: Germany was apart in many alliances that would effect WW1.The experiences of the war led to a collective trauma for all participating countries.I think the single most important effect was the harsh treatment of Germany in the Versailles Treaty.