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Opponents say that because embryonic cells are the least reliable, research on them should be stopped.If the research shows no results, it must be cut, which means the companies will have to lay off employees, which is detrimental to the health of the American economy.Defend embryonic stem cell research. Medical ethicists in favour of stem cell research continue to argue that stem cells are incapable of growing into a.

Benefits of Stem Cell Research. stem cell researchers agree that research should continue.Adult Stem Cell Successes. continue to promote the use of living embryonic human beings for.

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Embryos are groups of cells that have yet to develop into humans.

Stem cells can be used to study the early stages of pregnancies and create treatments for many birth and infertility problems.For the first time in his presidency,. have appeared before congressional subcommittees urging that research continue. (Stem cell research, of course,.Should embryonic stem-cell research be allowed to continue:.

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Experiments are regulated by embryonic stem cell research oversight committees...Overall, stems cell research is crucial to continue on our advances into the future.

According to the Family Research Council, adult stem cells have cured and treated over 73 diseases.

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The University of Michigan Stem Cell Research Web site predicts it will be 10 to 30 years before embryonic stem cell research delivers any results.In the future, after the economy has recovered and Americans have reconciled themselves to the idea, perhaps the research could be resumed.The third reason is that scientist hope to develop diseases in a laboratory environment.Since they are only part of a living human being, using them to conduct research does not constitute the ending of a human life.

Most stem cell research done in the United States already has safeguards.If the cells are replaced by the stem cells, then many repairs can be made to the damaged tissue.Despite the amazing potential beneficial medical treatments that could come from stem cell research, the subject conflicts with many religious and moral values.Being a student of molecular biology I believe that adult stem cell.They are capable of giving rise to similar types of cells, which certain other cells.

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Stem cells are cells that can divide multiple times and develop into different types of cells.And, eventually, stem cell research might show such splendid results to help the people who are suffering from these diseases.Researchers continue to study them in the lab to further understand how stem cells work and to ensure their safe use.This is not true though because that family probably loves Adam as much as the little girl and they used the stem cells from his umbilical cord to help her.This shows that scientists should continue stem cell research because it can help women carry out healthy pregnancies.

This essay brought a lot of facts to the table about stem cell research.Should adult stem-cell research be allowed to continue: By all means.This blog is about my opinion on Stem Cell Research with information gathered from multiple websites.

Adult stem cells have already developed and can only be placed on matching.With this new method, both the scientific community and religious groups can be happy.Clearly, we should discontinue embryonic stem cell research because it has no proven history, its use develops tumors and it shows no results.

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Why Professional Athletes are Turning to Stem. he was able to continue on with his career.

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Home Ethical Scientific Economic Impact Conclusion Works Cited.Some people say that stem cell research will show results, and important ones, very soon.Stem cells can not only help with pregnancies, but help improve patients medical conditions.Devon Early is a senior at Mattawan High School and is a member of the 2009-10 Gazette Young Editorial Staff.

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Brooke Karasch is a sophomore at Lawton High School and is a member of the 2009-10 Gazette Young Editorial Staff.

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President Bush should continue the prohibition on funding human embryonic stem cell research.Many people believe the embryos are living human beings, while others think they are not.

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The continued research and experiment with embryonic stem cells is.So those who argue that embryonic stem cell research is murdering innocent babies are coming from a religious standpoint, not a scientific one, and are simply trying to spread fear.Stem cell research has the potential to cure many of our dieseases, and I hope that the government will reconize this and give funds to this research.