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Employers prefer that undergraduates keep their resumes to one page.

To schedule an appointment, call 207.581.1359 or stop by our office on the 3rd floor of the Memorial Union.Use the advertised job title as the subject of your email message, citing any relevant job numbers as noted in the job posting.When you use a template, you are forced to put certain things in certain places on the page, and often you do not have the liberty to move information around in the most strategic way.Remember, a potential employer is most interested in the skills and strengths that you could bring into a new job.

Resume Builder is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to build an impressive resume.Prospective employers often do not open attached resumes because they.Do yourself a favor and focus on being clear, concise, and professional.A resume highlights your skills related to your career interests.

Resume and Cover Letter Help Get tips on how to craft an effective resume and cover letter.Most employers spend about 20 seconds on their first glance at your resume.Usually job seekers list experiences (jobs, internships, etc.) in reverse chronological order, meaning current or recent jobs listed first and oldest jobs listed last.We educate and empower students and alumni in their development of lifelong career.Resist using too many features such as bold, underline, italics, or color.

If you have a resume that needs updating, or if you need to start the process of developing a.University of Washington Career. and we at the Career and Internship Center are here to encourage you and help you navigate the transition from UW to the...


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Use the job description as a guide: The information listed in the bullet points under each job heading should highlight skills that are related to the requirements of the job for which you are applying.For example: Earned 75% of college expenses through the following part-time jobs.Note that the job candidate did not talk about the actual duties that would be obvious, e.g. mowing lawns and trimming trees, but instead focused on the transferable skills that would be important to an employer hiring for a management trainee position.

If using computers is a necessary skill for the job you are seeking, be sure to include this section.While this page provides helpful advice and guidelines regarding resume preparation, we all have unique backgrounds and are looking for unique experiences so no two resumes are the same.Once your resume is in a template, it is always in a template and will create headaches for you later.You can use the Resume Dropbox service to receive feedback on your resume within 2 business days.You may also include extracurricular activities and volunteer work under your experience heading, but be certain to distinguish between those that are and are not relevant to your job search.Your resume must impress employers the first time they skim through it.

Your resume and cover letter are often the first contact you have with a prospective employer.You also want to be sure to bring a paper copy of your resume with you to all interviews in case the employer has misplaced the copy.Proofread every single word and contact the UA Career Center for a resume.Drop By Our Office For Help- Come in for a quick 15 minute consultation.